To Cultivate with Spears

by Scimitar

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Written and Recorded by Scimitar May 2013
Mastered by Martin Schoeps In Victoria British Columbia Canada
Inspired by the rise of the Zulu


To Cultivate with Spears

Zalwa qu Quazulu Nathal a leader, of the plains Shaka Zulu, was his name
An incestuous son of Senzanagakona
To the tribe his existence was wreathed in shame
Driven away and disgraced he ran, to the people of Dingiswayo
Who soon recognized Shaka's strength and bade him return to reclaim his home

To cultivate with spears
The peasantry toiled only to see
Our impis, drawing near ready to cultivate with the spear
For with the subjected slain it's easier to gain
Their cattle their women their children their grain

iSolo khulu, (Great Leopard) , Shaka Zulu forged an army of only the bold
He shortened their spears and widened them, to disembowel no longer to throw
Upon the death of Dingiswayo Shaka's power filled the void
The impis ranged on ever further and the neighboring tribes were enslaved or utterly destroyed


For when Shaka built his home
Bulowayo as it became known
The place of execution for all those who crossed him

And this is where Shaka's legacy resides
As imitators ravaged their neighboring tribes
A crushing of peoples in a cascading flood
A diaspora of pillage and plunder and blood
For out this chaos many nations were wrought
United in spirit from the battles they'd fought
Age graded regiments as the fulcrum of might

Impis ranged for the
Ngoni and the Hey Hey
Both formed of the Mferane
Mzilikazi of the Ndebele
Built a capitol of death with Bulowayo its name
With Bulawayo its name


Shaka Zulu cast himself as a hegemon, with the power of life and death
Whenever he spat his subjects would leap, to save his essence from disrespect
But his doom was wrought within not by his enemies, by his kin
As a teetering tower, his burgeoning power attracted the ambitions
of those he'd brought with him


released June 9, 2013
Anstey, Anstey, Lennox and Basi
Copyright Scimitar 2013



all rights reserved



Scimitar is a Metal band from Victoria BC. They were formed in 2008 by Angus Lennox, Clayton Basi and the Anstey brothers (Noel and George), all of whom attended the same high school. Coming from various instrumental backgrounds and Metal influences, the members of Scimitar all weave their craft into one surging musical maelstrom, gathering an ever-growing legion of Metal brethren. ... more

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